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Is breakfast the most important meal?

Updated: May 13

Well that depends on your definition of breakfast!

The first food we put into our bodies in the day is thought to be the most important - setting us up for a day of energy and concentration or a day of sluggishness, peaks and troughs. However as mentioned in my post on intermittent fasting (IF)( many people do better not eating first thing in the morning, but leaving it until a bit later. (Many people do IF 10am-7pm or 11am-7pm)

Is breakfast cereal, toast and jam the most important food we eat - definitely not! In fact I would suggest they shouldn't be eaten at all by some people and particularly never at breakfast. They give you a huge sugar (carbohydrate) hit and cause your body to go into peaks and troughs requiring feeding and resting frequently

What about the Great British fry up?

Well this could be better for you than the cereals, but unfortunately nowadays with all that processed meat and sunflower oil, also not good. - In the 1920s when bacon was simply salt cured and maybe smoked pork from a slowly grown free range pig, and the frying was done in organic grass fed butter (that's all they had back then) .. well that was a different matter.

So what do I suggest?

Eggs, mushrooms, spinach and other vegetables, with added herbs or pickles / ferments if you can stomach them in the mornings

Live natural yoghurt, berries, some ground spices and nuts / seed mixes

These are quick, easy and a great way to get good quality protein, positive fats and a kick of good plant power all of which will kick start your metabolism for the day and leave you satisfied and ready to get on.

If you are interested in learning more contact me to discuss whether you would benefit from 1:1 sessions or a group teaching course.

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