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Intermittent Fasting

Did you know this (old fashioned) way of eating, with more hours of no food and all the eating crammed into a smaller time window, has hugely positive effects on the gut microbiome. Both the microbiota (the actual living things in our gut) and the gut structures themselves benefit from proper extended rest (16 hours in 24 is currently considered the ideal for Average Joe): the gut wall has time for any damage to be repaired; the body has time to make more digestive fluids; the microbiota (particuarly the bad sugar loving ones) are less likely over-produce and cause gas and bloating issues.

Intermittent fasting is appropriate (and helpful) for nearly all healthy adults and for most of those with gut illness / obesity issues / cardiovascular disease / type 2 diabetes. However, if you do have health issues or are on medications, it is worth checking with your GP first - or if you prefer we can have an appointment to individualise a regime for your needs. Contact me here if interested:

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