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Do you want to eat better?

Do you want to sleep better?

Do you want to feel better?

Do you want to lose weight?

Good lifestyle decisions are a major driver of good health.

Do you want to improve health?

Chewing on good food could decrease your need to chew on tablets.

What we eat affects both our body and our mind. 

"It is an uncomfortable truth that most drugs don't work for most patients." Fiona Godlee BMJ Editor 2005-2021

For Human Health and for Planetary Health

I aim to educate people to live better by improving their diet and lifestyle, in order to decrease reliance on medicines and improve internal health and well-being.

I do this by working with, not against, both your body and our shared external environments. 

Your Journey Begins


Optional Initial Phone Call (free)

Your reason for wanting to consult may be complex or very simple, and it is important to know from the start that you feel you are able to work with me, and what sort of costs you may be letting yourself in for. I offer an optional initial 15 minute phone call for free allowing you to assess whether you can work with me, and me to ascertain a few basics to help guide you forwards. Click the button below to book a free 15 minute chat.   ​


Preliminary Information Gathering

If you want to proceed with one to one appointments I will send your some preliminary questionnaires by email, on your current health and your goals. If you are able to send these back prior to your first appointment I can start to consider your needs before we meet, streamlining your experience. 


Small Group 5 week course 

If you prefer to start with a more social and specifically educational course that you can use to inform your own choices, then this evening education course on foundational nutrition and health is a great start point. (see Real Food For Health option on button below) From here many clients choose to book a single follow up session to consolidate their learning and ensure they are applying it well to get the best outcomes.

Your Journey Continues


1st Appointment

My prefered way of working, if you are near enough, is through an initial face to face 1:1 appointment. However I have found that remote consultation is possible if needed. Most of my inital appointments last for around 60 mins, but it is worth being aware that if we are consulting remotely it can take a little longer. ​I expect most people to see a benefit after only 2-3 sessions, but I offer a range of individual appointments and appointment bundles to suit you. I also offer 1:1 cookery / food shopping teaching to those who feel this is hindering their progress. This can be done in your own home.


Follow up appointments

If you decide on continued 1:1 appointments we can focus only on nutrition or we can look more fully at lifestyle and holistic care. We will discuss the most sensible options for you at the end of your first appointment. I offer individually priced personally tailored sessions that can be booked one at a time, or a bundle of sessions that runs as a 1:1 course, which I will tweak to your needs. See the options available via the buttons below


Other Options

I currently also offer 2 other unique packages: 1) A Menu planning / shopping / cooking package that takes place in your own home using your kitchen and equipment ensuring it is tailored specifically to you and your family. 2) A specific package for those on benefits focusing on how to eat well on a limited budget





My name is Fiona. I am a UK qualified doctor and within the NHS I work part-time as a GP.


However, whilst I love my NHS job,  the limitations for patients in this system are becoming more and more obvious. As such I have set up this holistic care and lifestyle practice, where I work oustide the realms of "doctor" and instead utilise complementary, holistic and lifestyle methods alongside a client to partner with them in their journey towards better health. 


I believe the 'medical model' relies too heavily on drugs/medicines to treat symptoms and manage disease and wanted to be able to explore more holistic and comprehensive ways of improving health with people.

I have therefore become interested in how lifestyle and particularly nutrition play a part in health and I have studied extensively in my spare time over the last 10 years to learn more about this. 

Nutrional and holistic care practitioner Fiona



I have always loved cooking and am also passionate about sustainability and the environment. My lifestyle and nutrition practice allows me to combine these passions to help you and the planet - learning about sustainble and nutritious food options, and hopefully decreasing your need (now or in the future) for medications.  

  • Helping you decrease weight and increase energy levels

  • Dealing with issues of Metabolic Syndrome

  • Improving Gut health 

  • Considering the effects of diet and lifestyle on mood and behaviour and helping you make changes

  • Cooking and food skills


The global pharmaceutical industry is more polluting than the global automotive industry

(The Conversation May 2019)

Please note that in all the work I undertake privately (services within this website)  I am not working in the role of a doctor. You will still need your own GP and I may refer you back to them for certain issues. 



Please use this form to contact me to arrange a free 15 minute telephone chat or ask me any questions. 

For my full list of services please see the bookings page

Please note:

I like to meet all my clients face to face at least once.. This is usually best as the first appointment, however could be the second if needed, I am happy to consult virtually (I use WhatsApp video calling) for other sessions if preferred, having found that this can work for some people. 


07396 730374


I am based in Welwyn Garden City. I currently consult from home and will email you the full address as reply to your first face to face booking.  


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