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Ideas for eggs

Eggs are definitely good for us, and if the chickens are treated well, and fed well then chickens and eggs can be good for the planet: Buying local and/or organic eggs, or alternatively keeping your own (or allotment share) free range flock that can provide fertilizer for the rest of your garden. (Ours are fed with a combination of chicken feed, weeds from the garden and leftovers from our plates. Their poo I collect along with the straw when we much them out and put in the compost bin)

Here are ways to then cook your eggs to give yourself a non-meat protein boost and not end up feeling everything is 'too eggy'.

A. Simple Eggs

  1. Boiled: Medium or Soft - add onto a salad or dip veg sticks into the yolk. Hard - in a lunch box to eat whole, mashed with mayonnaise, sliced and added to many dishes

  2. Poached

  3. Fried

  4. Scrambled: by themselves or with cream and butter - different people in my household say different things about these. You can leave it soft or cook it longer. Keep going long enough and you get what I call "crispy egg" - a bit like those onion bits you can get to sprinkle on salad.

  5. Baked / Coddled: these are really traditional ways with eggs, yet few people now know them ... both require the breaking of egg(s) into a small oiled dish. For baked eggs those are just put into the oven as they are, for coddled eggs they are placed in a water bath before putting in the oven. They can be topped with (or placed on top of) ham / spinach or even cream / cheese etc or left plain.

B. Eggs Plus

  1. Take your simple scrambled egg and make it into a full meal by stirring in any of the following: cooked bacon or ham, cooked chopped veg (peppers, onions, leaks all work particularly well), cooked or raw mushrooms, a sprinkle of cayenne / dash of tabasco. Then tip it onto homemade toast, a round of Irish Potato bread or even better and lovely paleo steak.

  2. Omlette - French or Spanish - two totally different meals with the same name in my opinion. - fill with whatever takes your fancy. French omlette is a fast meal, Spanish omlette takes a good while (an hour or more on the hob) as the potatoes should be slowly cooked in the olive oil until tender before the egg is added and then the whole thing kept on a low heat to set. To decrease the carbs use less potato, more onion and add extra veg if you wish (frittata)

C. Egg Recipes

  1. Berry Pancake - separate whites from yolks. Whisk whites to peaks, whisk yolks until thick with a pinch of cinnamon and a dash of vanilla. Fold in whites to make a simple foam. Put berries into a heavy based pan, tip egg foam over and heat on the hop for a few mins, then in the oven for 10 mins until the top is golden. Tip upside down to serve - at any time from Saturday morning for breakfast to dessert when having friends over for dinner.

  2. Egg Fry - this is basically a stir fry I do of whatever appropriate veg are in my fridge, along with some good seasoning, which I then add beaten egg to, in a slow steady stream, constantly stirring, so I end up with tiny bits of egg that I cook until crispy. ... then just bung the whole thing on a plate.

  3. Yorkshire Puddings and pancakes - recipes people often don't fiddle with, but are very adaptable and the egg quantity can be increased easily if you want it to be your main protein in a meal. ... I make breakfast pancakes as follows: 1 pancake - 1 egg, 1/2 an eggshell of milk, 1 tbs ground almonds and 1 tbs potato flour.

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