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Data Protection

I am by education and profession a Doctor, although in my hope-for-health role I am acting simply as an advisor.

Having worked in healthcare for many years I am very aware of the sensitive nature of health information and of course of the confidential nature of the relationship between doctor and patient / health coach/advisor and client.

I therefore take the protection of your data - both basic personal information such as name, contact details etc, and sensitive personal information including your health and wellbeing history - very seriously. I will remain GDPR compliant throughout, and in regards to your sensitive health and wellbeing information (and our consultations) will ensure the highest standards of care for your privacy. 

Details - Data Protection

Due to the confidential nature of our consultations and the intricacies of online / website / internet connected services I have made the decision that only very basic information will be collected through the website. For other things I will email you a form that you can either print off and bring with you, or that you can fill in and email back. I will then upload it with password protection to an individual folder for you on my work drive, and transfer it from my emails.

Whilst I see you regularly, and for 12 months afterwards, I will keep your information (including the notes I make) securely in digital format on my dedicated work drive. (Any paper notes I make whilst we are talking will be written up onto this and the paper shredded). At the end of your last session, if you wish, I will send you a copy of all your notes in password protected format. After 12 months* I will delete your named folder from my drive.  Unless you request otherwise I will keep some anonymised data to enable ongoing reflection and learning both about my practice and my business. 

*keeping your information in an identifiable, named format  for 12 months is an important part of all health related processes as it allows me to contact you if needed, enables me undertake reflective learning practices and ensures we both have the information to hand if you have any problems you want to come back to me about. The decision on time of 12 months comes from advice I have sought about the current legal requirements and good practice guidelines. It will be subject to change if the law or guidelines change. 

If you decide to have further sessions with me in the future (beyond 12 months) I will ask you, if possible, to bring your previous notes with you for us to continue adding to, creating a great resource for you over time. 

For my full data protection policy click below:

Data Protection Policy

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