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About Hope for Health

Hope for Health is my lifestyle and nutritional health consultancy. I provide 1:1 individual care for you to improve your health, at your speed, within your budget. I am also building a set of resources that my clients have access to through this website, which will complement the work we do individually. 

Whilst the bulk of my work is 1:1 (click here to book a 1:1 session) I am happy to work with couples or even consider the needs of the whole family. If you would like to discuss these options please contact me here or ring me on my mobile. If it is cooking for your family as much as the dietary knowledge you want help with I can come to your house to work with you. (click here to book a personalised cookery course based on the health needs and budget of you and your family). I have special rates for those who may be struggling financially / on benefits. Click here for my benefits package or contact me as above. 


The business, Hope for Health, is a culmination of thoughts, ideas, passions and specific targeted learning from my 15 years+ working in General Practice, alongside all the life experience I have obtained from being both a working mum, and someone who personally struggles with various inflammatory related health issues. 

I have looked into the current research and advice in diet and nutrition, lifestyle medicine, holistic care and metabolic health. I have tried a lot of things for myself and found some things that work and other things that don't. I have observed the real world experiences of many patients both in the NHS and outside it. This learning and these experiences give me a unique insight into what works (and doesn't) for different individuals and enables me to tailor my input to you in a way that addresses your health needs within the framework of your life circumstances. 

I am undertaking constant updating and am hoping to obtain a further qualification from the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine (BSLM) over the next couple of years.

I am a member of the British Association for Holistic Medicine and Healthcare (BHMA) and an Ambassador for both the Real Food Campaign (RFC) and the Public Health Collaboration (PHCUK). I take the health of both people and the planet seriously and understand how they effect each other. I strive to keep both in mind with my advice. 

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I hope to have other social media channels in the future and will update here when I do. Please check back. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

07396 730374

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